You Need An Electric Shaver If:

Electric shavers save us time and money because there’s no need for you to buy shaving products every week or month; unlike razor shaving.

  1. “You want a faster shave”- You don’t have to shave over the same location twice, you can literally finish a full shave in a quarter of the time that it would take you with a traditional razor.
  2. “You have sensitive skin” – Every time a razor cuts your face while shaving it creates the chance for infection and scarring, if you want to not cut yourself and dislike rashy razor bumps than electric shavers are for you.
  3. “You want to save money” – Electric shaver blades take at least 1 year to dull, with most lasting much longer. This results in saving more money in the long run because you won’t have to purchase expensive razor blades every month.
  4. “You want to save MORE money!”- Electric shavers will save you even more money because they don’t require expensive gels, creams, foams or shaving accessories of any kind. You’ll save a great deal of time and money by using an electric shaver.

You can view more pros and cons of owning an electric shaver down below.

What You Should Look For:

There are many different shaver brands and models, which can make it confusing for a first time buyer. Traditional razors are easy to shop for but buying an electric shaver is like buying a new car, it’s an important purchase and should be properly researched. In order to find the best electric shaver for you, we have to look for specific key features, so that your new shaver consistently provides an amazing shaving experience.

We’ve broke down the specific key features you should look for in the shaver you purchase:

Charging Speed” –

Battery Life” –

Warranty” –

Brand Features” –

Pros of an Electric Shaver

Based on consumer feedback through polls and recent surveys, we found what consumers liked best about electric shaving.

  • Efficiency – In a recent test, 76% of consumers said that an electric shaver is faster than any kind of razor.
  • Versatility – You have the choice of shaving either dry or wet, even in the shower, anytime and anywhere.
  • Travel-Friendly – You can package and easily travel with your shaver without having to worry about extras like shaving gel or backup razors.

Cons of an Electric Shaver

Based on customer feedback through surveys and recent polls, we found what customers disliked most about electric shaving.

  • Costly – The upfront cost of an electric shaver is expensive but the reality is you’ll save time and money in the long run.
  • Skin Tight – Many razor users argue you cannot get a skin tight shave but electric shavers are now more effective than ever before.

Electric Shavers vs. Traditional Razor Shaving

There are many men and women who prefer using electric shavers over traditional razors for a variety of reasons. Just to name a few:

  • Electric shavers are portable, efficient and do not require a sink.
  • Electric shavers can be used for traditional wet shaving and quick dry shaving.
  • Razors are prone to causing cuts which can become infected and cause scars.
  • Razors are a slow shave as compared to electric shavers which give a faster shave.

Electric Shavers don’t require a sink or shaving gel, and will give a close shave regardless if your face is dry or wet.

The 2 varieties of Electric Shavers

Rotary Shaver” –

Foil Shaver” –